Eat it or Wear it? Beef Jerky Chanel Bag

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With Lady Gaga setting the fashion trend as fashionable foods, Nancy Wu - a student at the Art Center of Design - created a Chanel bag out of beef jerky!

Nancy, who describes her creation as 'lo-fi', hand-stitched sheets of the dried meat together before adding a chain handle and interlocking CC logo.

I mean, the detail that went into this bag!  She even even stamped the jerky with a criss-cross pattern to mimic the designer bag's quilted leather.

thisAnd as if the Chanel beef jerky bag wasn't enough, she also created a Louis Vuitton wallet made out of beef jerky too.

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The fashion house's distinctive floral motif is spray-painted onto the meat, making for a convincing replica.

Wonder how long the bag will last before it goes bad?