One Dead, One Injured After Villagers Beat Alleged Dog Thieves (Photos)

| by Emily Smith

Two alleged dog thieves in China were brutally beaten, and one left dead, after angry residents reportedly caught them in the act.

The Gongcheng Public Security Bureau was informed that a number of men had been caught stealing dogs near the Shijiang village on Dec. 13, the Daily Mail reports. When officers arrived, they found two men who had been beaten and bruised.

The two alleged thieves were left lying on the road between Shijiang village and Luodai village. An ambulance was immediately sent upon the arrival of police.

(One of the alleged dog thieves after he was beaten. Photo Credit: CEN via Daily Mail)

In images of the event, one man can be seen lying next to a crossbow. The other can be seen in agony as he writhes under a layer of salt, something the villagers reportedly did to increase his discomfort.   

When paramedics arrived, they were unable to save one of the men. The other was wounded and transported to the hospital. It’s unclear what injuries the survivor suffered from.

(One of the alleged dog thieves after he was beaten. Photo Credit: CEN via Daily Mail)

Police have since set up a special team to investigate the case composed of members from the local security force. There of the villagers who were involved in the beating reportedly surrendered themselves to police on Dec. 14. Nine other residents were called in by police.

Residents in the area, which is part of the multi-ethnic Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, have a tradition of eating dog meat. In fact, the Yulin dog meat festival occurs in Guangzi each year. During the festival each June, 10,000 dogs are skinned alive and eaten during the celebration, according to Time magazine.

Sources: Daily Mail via News Grio, Time / Photo Credit: WikiCommons, Benjamin Ellis/Flickr