Molester Realizes He's Made A Huge Mistake (Video)

| by Brendan Kelly
The Woman Kicks Her Molester In The GroinThe Woman Kicks Her Molester In The Groin

A surveillance camera caught the moment a man who thought it would be OK to touch a woman in an elevator found out he was messing with the wrong woman (video below).

The video shows a man harassing a random woman in an elevator as she tries to keep to herself and avoiding contact with the stranger. It was uploaded to YouTube by China's People's Daily on April 27 but the video is dated stamped from April 24.

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When the man comes up close behind her the first time, she quickly slides to the other side of the elevator in an effort to avoid the man.

Then, after trying again and going even further by putting his hand on her shoulder, the man realized he made a huge mistake by messing with this woman.

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The woman elbows the man's hand away as he touches her, turns to him, and punches his so hard across the face that he gets launched into the wall of the elevator.

Once the man catches himself and stands up straight again, she gives him a kick to the groin and a knee to the head as a reminder that he should never mess with a woman.

As the man lays in the fetal position in pain in the corner of the elevator, the woman rushes out. 

Sources: The Daily Dot, People's Daily/YouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube