ISIS Fail: Terrorist Might Have Accidentally Killed Himself With RPG (Video)

| by Nik Bonopartis
An ISIS member prepares to fire an RPG in an undated video An ISIS member prepares to fire an RPG in an undated video

An ISIS fighter might have earned himself a Darwin award after he was caught in a spectacular RPG fail in an undated video (below).

Spoken Arabic and dramatic music can be heard in the background during the short video, which lasts about a minute. The jihadi is seen in the center of the frame, crouching in what looks like an abandoned building with a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG).

As the dramatic orchestral score intensifies, the unidentified ISIS fighter stands, aims the RPG at a large hole in the wall, and fires -- but instead of sending the payload through the hole, the shooter hits the wall itself.

Smoke and debris fill the frame, and the sound of glass shattering and concrete crumbling can be heard clearly on the audio track. The video cuts off abruptly, and it's not clear if the ISIS triggerman or the cameraman survived the ill-advised RPG stunt.

The video was originally posted to LiveLeak, where the two men in the video were ridiculed, and it's not the first time the Internet has had fun at the terrorist group's expense, the Daily Mail notes.

Another video reportedly shows ISIS recruits in military fatigues and black masks, standing in a row as a trainer stops in front of each fighter and kicks him in the crotch in a scene reminiscent of the Jackass movies. In the same video, ISIS recruits play leapfrog and form a human pyramid.

USA Today reports that ISIS ranks have been thinned, thanks to sustained bombing campaigns led by the U.S. Government sources estimate that the bombing campaign has killed 23,000 Islamic State fighters, causing a significant number of survivors to defect from the group.

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube, USA Today / Photo credit: YouTube