ISIS Beheads Two Men Accused Of Sorcery In Libya

| by Sheena Vasani
ISIS Beheading A Libyan ManISIS Beheading A Libyan Man

ISIS reportedly beheaded two people accused of sorcery in Libya, one of whom was an elderly man.

Men and children watched and yelled, "God is great," as the two men were blindfolded, flogged and bound before being killed by masked individuals, the Daily Mail reports.

The video of the beheading was reportedly filmed by ISIS militants in Libya, an area the group increasingly regards as crucial for its survival if they were to be forced out of Syria or Iraq.

Western officials say they have secretly sent in commandos to Libya to gather further intelligence as they believe ISIS may move their central base there. 

Moreover, regional analysts say ISIS may take advantage of the location's proximity to European cities to plan attacks against them, Fox News reports.

“We know that the jihadists are trying every means to hurt the West, and if they can blow themselves up in cars they can certainly do the same with airplanes; this wouldn’t be a great novelty and is in line with their thinking and purpose to do as much harm as possible," said Col. Jacques Neriah, the retired former deputy head for assessment of Israeli Military Intelligence.

“We’re not talking about MIG-31 or F-16 pilots," he added. "We’re talking about very basic, rudimentary pilots who can take off in a light plane and crash themselves into the Vatican, for instance. It takes only an hour and a half to cross [the Mediterranean Sea] from Libya to Rome.”

Since the death of Muammar Gaddafi in October 2011, ISIS has developed a growing presence in war-torn Libya.

According to CNN, however, a United Nations report states that while ISIS has been gaining power in Libya, progress has been slow. 

"While the group is benefiting from the appeal and notoriety of ISIL in Iraq and Syria, it is only one player among multiple warring factions in Libya and faces strong resistance from the population, as well as difficulties in building and maintaining local alliances," the report reads.

On Dec. 7, the U.S. confirmed they'd killed senior ISIS leader Abu Nabil in the region on Nov. 13, Reuters reports.

Sources: The Daily Mail, Fox News, Reuters via Business Insider, CNN / Photo Credit: The Daily Mail