Ex-Mexican President Drops F-Bomb Again On Trump (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Former Mexican president Vicente Fox was interviewed on the Fox Business Network on Feb. 26 for his comment on Feb. 25 about not paying for the "f----- wall" that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has promised to make Mexico build (video below).

"He's talking about the two largest trading partners of the United States," Fox stated, notes Talking Points Memo.

"He's not talking peanuts," Fox added. "China and Mexico are the two largest trading partners."

Fox Business Network host Maria Bartiromo interrupted: "Which is why he thinks he's going to be successful and Mexico is going to pay for the wall because he knows Mexico needs the U.S. when it comes to trade, just the way the U.S. needs Mexico."

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"I have to say I am not going to pay for that f------- wall, I am not," Fox replied. "And he should know that, and I am not going to apologize."

Sources: Talking Points Memo, Fox Business Network via YouTube / Photo Credit: Fox Business Network via YouTube

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