Ex-NBA Player Jason Maxiell Chases Chinese Basketball Player Across Court (Video)

| by Michael Allen
Jason Maxiell chases Wu KeJason Maxiell chases Wu Ke

Former NBA player Jason Maxiell, who now wears a jersey for the Tianjin Ronggang Gold Lions, recently chased Wu Ke, of the Shandong Flaming Bulls, across the court during a Chinese Basketball Association game (video below).

The bizarre incident began when Ke crashed into Maxiell under the net, and Maxiell took a swing at Ke, notes Basketball Buddha.

Ke quickly fled, but Maxiell chased him the length of the court in a spectacle that resembled an old Jerry Lewis movie.

Maxiell was restrained by several Flaming Bulls players, including Michael Beasley, who has played for the Miami Heat. Beasley was able to calm Maxiell down, reports the New York Daily News.

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Sources: Basketball BuddhaNew York Daily News / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

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