Woman Jumps Into Freezing Lake Just To Retrieve iPhone (Photos)

| by Emily Smith

On Feb. 18, one woman in Beijing, China, reportedly dropped her iPhone into the freezing Longtan Lake and jumped after it fully clothed.

The Peopleā€™s Daily originally posted photos of the event on Facebook.

ā€œAnother iPhone craze?ā€ the publication wrote, according to

The temperature in the water on Feb. 18 was as low as 28 degrees. The woman was also fully clothed.

Earlier in February, a 50-year-old woman in China jumped into a lake to save her 8-year-old boy, Next Shark reports. The boy had fallen into a lake in the Guizhou province while roller skating. The woman was later hailed as a hero.Ā 

Sources: Next Shark, via ABC News 9 / Photo Credit: People's Daily, China/Facebook

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