Woman Says Broken Phone Case Gave Her Second-Degree Chemical Burns (Photos)

| by Reve Fisher

A New Zealand woman reportedly got several unwanted surprises after buying a new case for her phone, including second-degree burns and an iPhone broken beyond repair.

Erin Nelson purchased a glittery iPhone 5 case from the clothing store chain Forever New, Stuff reports. Eventually, the case broke, which caused the glittery liquid inside to spill out and cause damage to both her health and her phone.

(Glittery iPhone 5 case that Erin Nelson bought. Photo Credit: Stuff)

Nelson added that her iPhone was in her back pocket when the case broke, which she noticed once she got home.

"I took my pants off and there was a watery substance in my pocket and on my [butt] but I didn't think anything of it, I thought it was just the water and glitter," Nelson told Stuff.

(Rash and blisters on Erin Nelson's butt after her phone case had broken. Photo Credit: Facebook)

The following day, painful blisters and a red rash covered the affected area on her butt, which was larger than her hand, according to Nelson. Since Nelson lives in an isolated area, she had to wait until she was able to get antibiotics from a doctor. She also was infection-prone due to the blisters.

"On your packaging it doesn't say anything about having chemicals in the case," Nelson wrote to the company in a Nov. 15 Facebook post. "So I would like someone to get in touch with me to let me know what chemicals have burnt me."

Nelson's partner said the substance that leaked out of the phone was very oily, clearly not a water-based liquid.

The case also reportedly damaged both cameras, the touch pad, and the screen of her phone beyond repair.

"A $20 phone case has sure costed me a lot of money and I'm not happy about it," Nelson continued in the post.

Nelson told Stuff she was happy that Forever New replied quickly and compensated her for the medical bills and her phone.

A spokesperson for the company said they are investigating the product and are removing the cases from their online store and Australia and New Zealand branches. They are contemplating changing the label as well.

Several people who commented on the Facebook post mentioned concerns about the liquid when their phone cases had broken as well.

"We are in the process of investigating any faults with the product, the liquid ingredients and other relevant factors associated with the fault," the Forever New spokesperson said in response. "We are taking this matter seriously and have commissioned independent testing as part our investigation into the product."

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