Woman Makes $150K Discovery While Cleaning Her Purse

| by Nicholas Roberts

A woman in Kilkenny, Ireland, reportedly discovered a lottery ticket worth $157,000 after she decided to clean out her cluttered handbag on Aug. 21.

The woman, who said she wants to remain anonymous, claimed a prize worth $157,418 on Aug. 22, according to UPI.

She had been carrying around the ticket for two weeks without realizing its true worth, reports. She had bought the ticket on Aug. 6.

"My handbag was bulging and I decided to clear the load yesterday. There were a few Lotto tickets in there.  I'd just seen the news that the big jackpot was won in Leitrim but I thought, sure you never know, there might be a few [pounds] on these," she said to reporters at the lottery office.

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"I checked the tickets on the scanner in the shop and was surprised when I got a message to contact the National Lottery. When I found out how much I won, I was absolutely delighted," she said.

Sources: UPI, / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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