Dolphins Drama: Does Ricky Williams Hate Sparano's Style?

| by Off The Record

After yet another season of frustration for the Miami Dolphins, running back Ricky Williams (the guy with the dreads, but not anymore?) made a few comments about head coach Tony Sparano that probably won’t get him on the coach’s Christmas card list.

He basically said that he didn’t care for his “micromanaging” style of coaching.

Now that the 34-year old is a free agent and the Dolphins don’t seem to have much experience at running back, Williams is backing off of those comments…a bit.

“If you look at any relationship, for the relationship to be productive and to move forward and to grow, sometimes things have to be said that one person is not going to like to hear,” Williams said. “But I know Tony is an adult and I’m an adult, and I’m sure we can move past it.”

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He did acknowledge, however, that there is some truth to what he initially said.

“I think there is at least a shred of truth in there, and if he can appreciate that and learn from it, from the voice of the players, I think everyone is better in the end, and I think the Dolphins are a better team next year,” he said.

Someone could be fishing for a job.

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