Video: Magic Arenas Loses 75-Foot Made Shot on Technicality


The NBA, where magic almost happens.

During last night’s game between the Orlando Magic and New Jersey Nets, guard Gilbert Arenas hit a very nifty looking 75-foot jumper. Before falling through the hoop, the ball bounced off the front rim and hit the shot clock.

Both Arenas and his teammates immediately put their arms up in celebration. Alas, the basket was not to be.

Because the ball hit the shot clock -- an out of bounds zone – the ball went out before it ever went through the basket.

Despite the lost score, Orlando still beat New Jersey with ease 104-88.

Considering the last time Arenas discussed a tough shot with officials was when Washington police asked him why he didn’t actually shoot Javaris Crittenton, chalk Monday up to a good day for all involved.

Check out the video of the play HERE.


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