Lorenzo Gaspar Arrested For Using Old $50 Bill

| by Michael Allen

At a Quik Mart in Shelbyville, Tennessee, Lorenzo Gaspar used an old, legitimate $50 bill, but was jailed for using counterfeit money.

A clerk called police after a marker used to detect counterfeit bills didn't detect the $50 bill as real.

Police Officer Brock Horner said in his report: "The front side of the bill was off center and it didn't feel like a normal bill, it did look to be counterfeit."

After Gaspar was jailed, Officer Horner showed the $50 bill to Sgt. Bill Logue, an evidence technician, who suggested he have it inspected at a bank.

Officer Horner took the bill to two banks, where it was determined to be "real, but very old."

A judicial commissioner released Gaspar from jail and Officer Horner apologized for the arrest.

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Gasper was told by Officer Horner to take the legitimate $50 bill to a bank and have it exchanged for a newer one.