10 Weirdest 'Twilight: Eclipse' Items You Can Buy

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In honor of Twilight: Eclipse coming out today, I thought I would share some of the weirdest Twilight merchandise ever. Seriously, people buy this stuff? Check out the Top 10 weirdest Twilight merch below:

1.  Twilight Toilet Paper

I could see this being something for Twilight haters more than fans.  I mean, do people really love Twilight so much that they could wipe their ass with Edward?



2. Twilight Cloth Diapers

If the baby were a real vampire, he wouldn’t need a diaper.  Just sayin’.



3.  Twilight Shower Curtain

Yeah. THIS isn’t creepy at all.  I guess this goes with your Twilight toilet paper.  Do your whole bathroom in a Twilight motif!  Do they make a Jacob toilet bowl scrubber?



4. Twilight Cookbook

On the menu: blood pudding, blood sausage, and Moon Pies!



5.  Twilight Condoms

Okay, if you’re a dude whipping this out, you are probably gay.  If you’re a chick who offers this as protection, you are probably not thinking about the guy in the bed with you.




6.  Twilight Doll

Um, who is this?  Elvis-hair Ken?  Because this looks nothing like Edward, if that’s who it’s supposed to be.  Who would want to play with this?  Furthermore, with a billion dollars to work with, this was the best they could do?




7. and 8. Twilight Underwear

Maybe the bra isn’t so bad, but having Edward stretched out over your crotch just seems kind weird to me.  Tell me that by the time you got a chick in her underwear that this wouldn’t just put you off if you’re a guy!  I guess this is the closest most women will come to having Robert Pattinson in their pants…..




9.  Edward Cullen Silhouette

“Thanks for keeping me safe, Edward!”  (Rubs eyes at 5 am)  ”Omg! There’s a man in my room!” (Gets out shotgun and blows a hole in the wall)




10.  Twilight Band-Aids

What kind of authentic merchandise is this? It doesn’t even suck the blood out for you?!

Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart photo: Fame Pictures