What Behavior Problems? Titans Probably Sticking with Britt

| by Off The Record

In case you hadn’t noticed, Tennessee Titans WR Kenny Britt was arrested again. Haha, no not for evading police in a high-speed car chase in North Jersey. He’s already dealt with that and gotten basically a slap on the wrist.

Yes, he got arrested again recently. As in…the day after he was in court on the traffic charges.

This time, Britt was at a Hoboken car wash and was in line to pay. Police say they smelled marijuana (no!) and saw him smoking a cigar. They tried to handcuff him, but he tried to wrestle away and put out the cigar. The police did not care for this behavior, and he’s charged with obstructing the administration of the law, resisting arrest and tampering with or fabricating evidence.

While this is getting tiresome, it doesn’t seem like he’s in a heap of trouble with the law.

“If he were to be convicted he could get probation, and technically he could be subject to jail time,” Hudson County prosecutor Edward DeFazio said. “But as a practical matter, since he has no criminal convictions, there is a presumption that he would not be incarcerated.”

Still, the Titans have to be getting fed up with this nonsense. He’s incredibly talented and has proven that he can be a difference maker on the field, but he’s been arrested six times since 2009. That requires serious effort.

“Unfortunately, he’s had a few things that’ve come up for him in the offseason,” Titans coach Mike Munchak said. “That’s something we’ll deal with when he comes in.”

While the Titans are probably fuming over this, NFL Network’s Albert Breer says that there is “about no chance” that the Titans would part ways with Britt. He expects the Titans to come down hard on him, but he doesn’t see him losing his roster spot.

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