Tim Tebow Climbing Denver Broncos Depth Chart

| by Off The Record

It has only taken Tim Tebow 10 days to start moving up the Denver Broncos’ star-studded depth chart at the quarterback position. Recently, at the Organized Team Activities, it has appeared the former Florida Gator has leapfrogged Tom Brandstater to take over the number three spot. Yes, thee Tom Brandstater…the same quarterback who threw for 47 career touchdown passes for Fresno State.

Ten days of OTAs can change a lot. Let’s review.

Tebow started the OTAs last week passing to RB Bruce Hall, but coaches quickly stopped the quarterback telling him to just hand the ball off after seeing his throwing motion. Many observers described Tebow’s form as a cross between a post-’Tommy John surgery’ Scott Feldman pitch and a Shawn Marion jump shot. And when I say ‘many observers’, I do mean this comparison came up more than once and on different days. When Brady Quinn is chuckling in the background, you know something isn’t right.

But who is chuckling now, Mr. Brady Quinn? Tebow has quickly improved his mechanics to the point where it kind of looks like he is throwing a football and not trying to skip a flat rock across a pond. Furthermore, the ‘quack quack’ joke isn’t heard nearly as often anymore when he throws the ball. Jarvis Moss and Elvis Dumerville must have made those duck noises close to 100 times last week. This week, maybe only 15 to 20.

“That joke never gets old,” defensive end Jarvis Moss told OTR.  “D. J. Williams actually pulled out a shotgun and put a hole through one of Tebow’s passes last Wednesday.  We got a kick out of it…even the coaches laughed.

“But, he’s [Tebow] improving this week.  We’re happy to see it.  He’s a good sport and we’re pulling for him.”

Kyle Orton still holds on to the starting spot for the Broncos, despite recent trade rumors. And Brady Quinn is currently the back-up. Tebow is a long shot to pass either one of them. It’s understandable, both Orton and Quinn have been electrifying since joining the NFL. For one to move ahead of Brandstater, then Quinn, then Orton, is what legends are made of.