Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods a Disgrace to the Game of Golf

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I've played golf for 10 years. Not professionally mind you, but I've played the game for a large part of my life. When I was being taught how to play, etiquette was a point of emphasis. I learned from the start proper golf etiquette, and try my best to observe it. 

Tiger woods is a total disgrace to the game of golf, and it's not because of the recent scandal or anything. He always has been in my mind. Never, and I repeat, never have I heard any golfer, professional or amateur, cuss like a sailor on the course like this guy. 

During the Masters, Tiger was caught on live television, uncensored, after hitting what wasn't that bad of a shot off the 6th tee, saying and I quote, "Tiger Woods. You suck! Godd***it!" 

Well, Tiger Woods, you don't "suck" as you so beautifully put it, at golf (if you did, you wouldn't be playing professionally). I'd be thrilled to death with that shot, though I can understand why you wouldn't be. However, Tiger, if it's one thing that does "suck," it's your attitude and your sportsmanship. 

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We've all had bad days, and bad shots, Tiger. What defines a good golfer is a calm, composed attitude in the face of hitting errant shots. I guess there's a reason you're the most fined golfer on tour. I would encourage you to clean up your act and your mouth. Little ones idolize you. They dream of being you. Be a good role model to these kids, please?