The Gravity Cowboys Fly to Asia | Workshops w/ Brock & Krista Cahill in Singapore & Hong Kong

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Brock and Krista Cahill are heading to the other side of the world to teach at Pure Yoga in Singapore & Hong Kong July 1st – 9th!

More information below from Pure’s Website:

iFly with Brock and Krista Cahill

July 1st – 3rd in Singapore | July 8th – 10th in Hong Kong

Balance Your Life! (bala)nce yoga is Brock & Krista’s blend of inversional vinyasa flow – bala is a Sanskrit word meaning strength. Therefore, in this practice, we use our strength to create balance.

What a wonderful way to use your power to cultivate harmony, clarity, grace and peace. Expect to spend a good deal of your time upside-down or in an arm balance, challenging gravity and using your roots to find wings. Full workshop descriptions are below…

Yogi Happy Hour: Detox Flow

Sweat, laugh and party your way into a clean and healthy body ‘yoga-style’!

Every yoga practice has elements of detoxification – this workshop will focus on those elements by twisting, folding and inverting your way into a happier, healthier version of your true self.

Brock & Krista will also incorporate the healing element tapas (heat) to stimulate deep tissue release. Flow your way through a variety of different practices such as kriyas, pranayama and yin. The combination of these practices will help you detox much more than just the gross/physical body. The subtle body will be integrated throught energy work, and pranayama and meditation will awaken your mind and spirit.

This is the practice your body and mind needs to set you on a path of yogic healing and dramatic transformation!

Root To Rise: Foundations of Flight

This workshop begins wih plenty of core work to warm the body by igniting the fire within and awakening the inner warrior. Brock & Krista will then share proven secrets to make arm balances and inversions effortless! Conclude with a few creative ‘arm balance medleys’ created by Brock & Krista that sequence these challenging postures together in a fun and melodic flow.

Great for all groups of fledgling flyers who are just gaining their wings and of course, frequent flyers are welcome to join in as well and brush up on the basic techniques of these masterful postures!

Get Grounded – Yang/Yin

Yang your way into a deep Yin Flow with both Brock & Krista! A perfect 3-hour practice that will create balance and awaken the shakti within.

Powered by the ebb and flow of rhythm and spirit, fuelled by seductive tunes of rock’ n roll, and focused by the fluidity and grace of moving meditation. Move quietly into a space of poetic stillness and use the breath to create a mantra of healing and rejuvenation.

Long holds in deep hip openers will challenge your mind & body to surrender and experience the beauty of this ancient practice. Take this beautiful journey of two powerful types of yoga paired together that will leave you feeling connected and clear about your yogic path.

Buoyancy Control – Bandhas and Arm Balancing

Our life comes from within… Arm balances, inversions & core, core core… oh and a little laughter too – might as well have a good time and sometimes the best core work is a good laugh!

Brock & Krista will take the principles of basic arm balancing techniques, and refine them using cultivation of bandhas (energetic locks). You will learn how to tap into the subtle energy in the body, and explore how the blending of physical strength and energetic power can create a state of weightlessness.

The good news is that the majority of this workshop will be spent in a state of buoyancy, floating effortlessly from one posture to the next. Wanna defy gravity? Try it… it’s a blast!

One Giant Leap

One small step for man, one giant leap for your practice. We will investigate jumps in this workshop. Jump throughs and jump backs, jumps to handstand, jumps into arm balances, jumps into standing poses… Take a leap and the landing will appear… if you want it to.

This workshop is geared toward giving you the tools you need to resist landing. This is a fantastic way to practise honing your leaping skills and building confidence, so that when a leap appears in life, you are ready to rock.


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