Who were the “Fisher Lied” Girls?

| by The No Look Pass

By Rey-Rey

Remember these girls in Game 4 of the Lakers/Jazz series?

Well, they apparently called into the 1280 The Zone, a sports radio station in Utah. The women kept their names private. The “Fisher Lied” girls are apparently sisters. The younger one called first… and then the elder sister followed up.

The elder sister said that the “Fisher Lied” message was more towards the way Derek Fisher ended up as a Laker, not because his daughter had cancer. They said that it was more for basketball reasons and they never expected things to blow up like this.


Anyway, they watch Jazz games all the time and they wear these kinds of shirts in every game. Oh, and, well, listen to what her answer was when asked about wearing a “Kobe shirt”.

Well, also interesting of note is that the elder sister mentioned that she used to have a Derek Fisher Utah Jazz jersey.

The link is right here if you want to listen to the whole interview. Draw your own conclusions.

I just really had one thing to say about this.

Yeah, I’m pretty classy myself.

HAT TIP to Ross Siler of the Salt Lake Tribune.


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