Michelle Clark Gives Wacky Description of Houston Storm, Goes Viral on Web (Video)

| by Michael Allen

On Tuesday evening, KPRC-TV aired a news segment on how badly Houston, Texas, was hit by a recent hail storm (video below).

“Man! Those jokers was big,” resident Michelle Clark told KPRC-TV. “Size of a quarter, doggone!”

According to, Clark said that the hail hitting her roof sounded like: “Kapooyow! Kapooyow!”

Clark recalled that she “took off and ran to the rest room to call my momma to see if she all right.”

Now, the video of Clark has gone viral, and she is joining the ranks of Internet sensations such as Antoine Dodson, who famously said on a Texas' newscast: "Hide ya wife, hide ya kids, they rapin' everybody here!"

Sources: and KPRC-TV