College Students Post Pictures of Breast Cleavage Online to Support Schools

| by Michael Allen

Female college students are posting photographs of their cleavage on the web as a demonstration of school pride.

The 'cleavage selfies' trend began after University of Kansas student Tiffany Kent tweeted a photo of her breasts in a Jayhawks shirt with the hashtag #kuboobs on in February of last year, reports The Daily Mail.

After she posted her cleavage, the Jayhawks came back from a 19-point deficit to take a one-point-lead over the Missouri Tigers by the end of the game.

Kent's #kuboobs hashtag sparked a web phenomenon, with a Twitter handle of its own, which has 22,500 followers. A Kuboobs Facebook page has over 12,000 'likes' and there is even a website.

There are over 30 spin-off 'boobs' Twitter accounts, such as @UF_Boobs, @bamaboobs, @arboobs and @vandyboobs.

Kent, who uses the Twitter handle @mommyloveswine, told "One of my friends tweeted me and said, 'you should see the #kuboobs that you started.' And I was like, 'what are you talking about?' All of a sudden they're everywhere."

"I did have one friend imply it might not be the classiest thing to do, but in my mind, it's fun and it is a good time to be a KU fan."

Kent hopes to use her unlikely success to raise funds for breast cancer research.