Andrea Lalama Suspended by Facebook for Posting Pictures of Her Kids at 'March Against Monsanto'

| by Michael Allen

Andrea Lalama was reportedly suspended by Facebook after a posting a picture of her two children (right) carrying signs in Saturday's global "March Against Monsanto."

Monsanto has been under fire for years for its genetically modified food products.

Lalama's children held signs that read:

"ORGANIC FOOD It's My Medicine - Label GMOs - Say NO to GMO"


According to Natural News, Lalama's account was suspended with the message: "FACEBOOK: You have been restricted from Interacting With Pages until Saturday, June 8, 2013 at 6:47pm."

Lalama's Facebook page has been restored as of now.

Two more Facebook users, Georgia Gallucci and Reversing Autism, also claim their accounts were suspended for posting photos from the March Against Monsanto.

Sources: Natural News and Facebook