Summer Vacation Plans and Seva (Selfless Service)


Every summer when I was a kid, we’d camp for two weeks¬† or sometimes more at Killbear Provincial Park.¬† it was the best two weeks of my summer.¬† We’d follow frogs around when we were kids and follow boys around when we were teenagers.¬† We’d jump off a cliff called “elephant butt,”¬† sit beside a cozy camp fire and sing “When I first Came to this Land“¬† and read our favorite poems from the musty smelling poetry book .

It was the stuff memories are made of.

Kids and Fresh Air go Together Like Kids and Yoga

Living in the heart of the city, some days I hear more sirens than birds. I get nostalgic for those summer camping trips. In fact, we were camping at Killbear when we filmed the Yoga for Boys – Sun Salutation video a couple summers ago:

That’s why I couldn’t pass this request to use my blog to help find Host Families for the Fresh Air Fund.¬† The thought of children never getting to experience nature just broke my heart.¬† Can you imagine not experiencing the smell of fresh air as a child?¬† It seems criminal to imagine it!

The Fresh Air Fund is a not-for-profit agency that has helped close to five thousand city kids experience the beauty of being in nature, kids who say things like:

“I’ve never cooked outside before!”

Imagine getting out of the city and looking up at the Milky Way on a dark night for the first time.¬† You really don’t know the beauty of stars when you live in the city.

Seva – Selfless Service – A Cornerstone of Yoga

Host Families are matched with a child from the city, a child who may not know what it’s like to run through a field, chase a frog, or take in the Milky Way.¬† Even though times may be tight for many, inviting a child to live with you in the country for two weeks could give your kids and a city child an experience of a lifetime – perhaps an experience better than a vacation.

So before you finalize all your summer plans, consider being a host family. I know there are many caring families out there who read the Young Yoga Masters blog who would know the true value of Seva like this.¬† It’s a great opportunity to teach your family about Seva, selfless service, and maybe even teach a city child some yoga while you’re at it.

Those who don’t live in the city are invited to donate any amount to support sending kids to summer camp.

Make a Difference in the Life of A Child

I know I want to make a difference in the life of a child through Yoga.¬† As a city dweller I’m going to make a donation to support the Fresh Air Fund.¬†¬† Plus for one week, from May 25 – June 1, 2011, Young Yoga Masters will be donating 20% of all sales of Yoga Man vs. The Stressor to The Fresh Air Fund.¬† If you haven’t got Yoga Man, now is the time to help your kids and city kids at the same time.

Please click here to get the Yoga for Boys – Yoga Man On-line Training Manual for your yoga for your boys and together we’ll help send a kid to camp.

Please click here for more information on becoming a host family for the Fresh Air Fund.

Please click here to make a donation straight to the Fresh Air Fund.

I couldn’t get through this video about what the Fresh Air Fund does without crying.¬† Take a look to find out more.


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