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How Barbaric: Stop & Shop Chain Microwaves Live Lobsters

| by PETA

Stop & Shop Supermarket Company is a popular stop for New England shoppers. But PETA has learned that Stop & Shop employees are microwaving live lobsters in their stores. Placing live animals in a microwave is barbaric and cruel.

Despite PETA's repeated attempts to explain to multiple Stop & Shop executives that lobsters, like any other animal, experience pain, Stop & Shop has remained entirely unresponsive to our requests that it stop this practice immediately.

There is indisputable scientific evidence that lobsters feel pain. Please consider the following:

  • Dr. Jaren Horsley, an invertebrate zoologist at the National Zoo, has found that lobsters have a "sophisticated nervous system," concluding, "[Lobsters] can, I am sure, sense pain." Dr. Horsley has explained: "The lobster does not have an autonomic nervous system that puts it into a state of shock when it is harmed … [and] feels all the pain until its nervous system is destroyed."
  • Scientists in the European Union have classified lobsters as category I —animals who without a scientific doubt can feel pain. Joining lobsters in this category are dogs, cats, chickens, pigs, and humans, among others.
  • Dr. Teresa Telecky, a zoologist, stated, "Lobsters are capable of becoming physiologically or behaviorally stressed …." 
  • Dr. Nedim C. Buyukmihci, professor of veterinary surgery, writes, "There is no question that lobsters have the ability to feel pain and suffer …. [I]t would be inappropriate to do something to lobsters that you would not consider doing to conscious dogs, cats, or humans."


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Please send a message to Stop & Shop's CEO, executive vice president of sales and operations, senior vice president of perishables, vice president of consumer affairs, and director of public affairs.

Please also consider writing or calling Stop & Shop's company's headquarters and urge it to end the barbaric practice of microwaving lobsters immediately.

Stop & Shop
1385 Hancock St.
Quincy, MA 02169