Steeping to Slow Down | How to Make Your Own Medicine

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The art of making your own medicine through the use of herbal remedies allows you to take your health into your own hands, literally

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To learn to trust your body, your feelings, your intuition. You are an expert in knowing exactly how you feel and when you are capable of making remedies to soothe ailments instead of running to the Doctor you are participating in ancient traditions.

Today, let’s take a look at the power of herbal teas, herbal infusions. As we prepare batches of different herbal elixirs, we are forcing ourselves to slow down and intentionally involve ourselves with self care.

You can purchase dried or fresh herbs either at a local herb store, or most health food stores. Herbs are generally stored in glass jars and I recommend taking the lid off, smelling your herbs before you decide whether or not you want to buy them. Choose your herbs very much like you would produce. Make sure there is some color to them, a slight scent, some vitality. You want to consume rich and happy herbs!

herbs Steeping to Slow Down | How to Make Your Own Medicine

Herbs are grown one of 3 ways:

Commercially grown- Best to be avoided as these herbs are grown with synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals and are fumigated. These herbs are grown for consumption and the process in which they are cultivated is not only dangerous for human consumption but detrimental to the environment. As we are ingesting these herbs for medicinal properties we want them to be as clean as possible.

Wild Crafted-Plants harvested from the wild with no regulation to exposure as they come straight for their natural habitat. One draw back is that these herbs and their environment are often times ecologically threatened from being overly harvested. If you purchase Wild Crafted Herbs look for the label “Responsibly Wild Crafted.”

Organically Grown-Organically grown so you can be assured your herbs are going to support your health! In selecting organically grown herbs you are making a wise decision for yourself, mother goddess, and the community by supporting hard working farmers!

Take your herbs and place them in a glass jar, 2-3 handfuls. Bring water to just below a boil and cover your herbs with the water. Twist the jar lid on loosely because as the water cools it will make a really tight seal and you will want to be able to get the lid off! Allow your tea to infuse for 8 hours.  This will ensure you will be drinking a potent medicinal infusion. Strain the herbs.

The plant matter that is left over should go back into the earth. Bringing this cycle full circle. You are supported by the earth and all her hard work and you do your part by returning the left over plant matter that she so graciously provided.

Enjoy the process of preparing your own medicine through time honored traditions and allow yourself to slow down. Take time through out every day to simply be, knowing that there is always enough time, everything will get done and you are capable of healing yourself.

For a recommendation of herbs to best support you, please feel free to comment below or ask questions.

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