NBA Analysis: Was Brian Scalabrine Actually Underrated?

With the release of the ultimate Brian Scalabrine highlight reel, it seems a good time to look at the career of the White Mamba.

Sadly, this is not a case of an underappreciated diamond in the rough. Scalabrine didn’t look good to conventional fans, and he looked just as bad to advanced stats lovers. Scalabrine played 11 seasons; he actually cost his team wins in 7 of those seasons, and he was only above average (0.122) in his final season, in which he only played 122 minutes.  

His career high for wins produced came in 2005, when he produced 1.4 wins for the Nets, at a 0.059 clip.  Note that this was his second highest WP48 in his career!

Despite his play, the White Mamba managed to play 11 seasons in the NBA, earning over $20 million during that time. He did this without the skill, ability or stats of a good player. Not bad for...

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