Why has David Wilson Been Such a Fantasy Stud this Year?

Jason Lisk of Big Lead Sports, and longtime friend of ANS, investigated which players tended to show up on the rosters of winning fantasy teams. For whatever reason, I think that's pretty interesting.

Jason recently theorized why David Wilson, a backup RB for the Giants, is on rosters of winning fantasy teams. (His teams have the 6th best winning percentage of all NFL players.) His theories were:

1) Smart fantasy players overlook previous outcomes and understood his ability to have a high payoff as a RB on a team that can move the ball.

2) Wilson was a scrub who was stuck as a backup behind teams who already had a very healthy RB situation with little reason to go digging for better options.

3) Wilson got his opportunity very late in the season after losing fantasy owners had long since given up prowling the waiver wire. Fantasy teams in the playoffs, which already solidified winning records, would tend to be the ones looking to plug holes in week 15.

All excellent theories, but I'd like to add 1,387 more to that list. Those are the number of return yards Wilson has accumulated this season. How does your league score return yardage? I bet you don't even know. The last time I won my fantasy league it was party because of Percy Harvin's massive return yardage. Return yardage is probably only part of the answer, but in many leagues it can be overlooked.

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