Vikings Trade Percy Harvin to Seahawks for First-Round Draft Pick

The trade rumors regarding Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Percy Harvin haven’t just been swirling this past month, they’ve been blowing like a hurricane. Harvin staying in Minnesota for the 2013 did not seem like an option, and clearly it wasn’t.

The Vikings shipped the troubled wideout to the Seattle Seahawks in exchanged for their first-round and seventh-round picks this year, and a middle-round pick next year.

That’s pretty damn good considering they’ll still need to sign him for the money that he wants (he’s a free agent after this season). Seattle is obviously aware of his demands and knows they can pay him.

The Miami Dolphins got a pair of third rounders last year from the Chicago Bears for Brandon Marshall. Somebody in Miami doesn’t know what they are doing.

It will be beyond interesting to see how the Seahawks use Harvin in that offense with Russell Wilson. Don’t forget his name was being thrown around as a league MVP before the injuries hit last year.