2013 NFL Mock Draft: Scouts not Impressed with Eddie Lacy?

Alabama’s Eddie Lacy is considered the top running back in this year’s NFL draft. However, that doesn’t mean he’s a lock to be a top pick, and the fact that no one has a 40 time on him yet is apparently starting to bug some NFL folk.

Lacy didn’t run at the combine, nor did he run at Alabama’s Pro Day. He’s scheduled a personal workout on April 11th, but Draftinsider.net’s Tony Pauline reports that there are some red flags starting to rise with regards to his speed.

“The frustration over Eddie Lacy/RB/Alabama and the fact he’s pushed his workout back to April 11th is beginning to boil over. Scouts are questioning whether Lacy is too injured to run or just too slow,” Pauline writes.

Lacy’s personal workout will clear up a lot. Personally, I think these workouts are largely a waste of time. There is plenty of tape on him playing football…what do you need a stop watch for?