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Dallas Stars Expect Derek Roy Back by November?

In early July, the Dallas Stars traded Steve “I’m fifth in the league in winning faceoffs, just check NHL.com” Ott and Adam Pardy to the Buffalo Sabres in exchange for star Derek Roy. Shortly after, the Stars decided he should have season-ending shoulder surgery, even though it’s not season ending.

And, according to the team’s website, Roy should be able to return to the ice in November.

“I haven’t skated in a while,” Roy said. “I am going to start skating in three weeks or a month, and get that back up to speed, keep rehabbing the shoulder and move forward.”

Roy told them that he could play with the injury, but the Stars wanted to get it taken care of.

“[The Stars] figured a 100-percent Derek Roy would help the team more than playing at 75 percent, getting hurt, coming back and doing that all season. We made the decision on surgery and right now for us, and we are going to move forward,” Roy said, referring to himself in the third person. “I could have played with it, but I wouldn’t have been 100 percent.”

Roy said that he’s been rehabbing quite aggressively since the surgery.

“The first month is tough, but after you get by that it is easier and you start responding faster and faster,” Roy said. “I am just trying to stay ahead of the guidelines and keep working at it.”

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