2012 Paralympics Video: Oscar Pistorius aka Blade Runner Loses 200 Meters Crown to Alan Oliveira

| by Alex Groberman

In what was unquestionably one of the biggest sports upsets of 2012, Alan Oliveira beat Oscar Pistorius at Sunday’s London Paralympics 200-meter competition.

Pistorius, also known as Blade Runner, didn’t handle his first loss in the 200 particularly well.

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"Not taking away from Alan's performance -- he's a great athlete -- but these guys are a lot taller and you can't compete (with the) stride length," Pistorius said after the race (via HuffPo). "You saw how far he came back. We aren't racing a fair race. I gave it my best. The IPC (International Paralympic Committee) have their regulations. The regulations (allow) that athletes can make themselves unbelievably high.

"We've tried to address the issue with them in the weeks up to this and it's just been falling on deaf ears."

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The average American throws away 82lbs of clothes:

For his part, Oliveira simply brushed the criticism off.

"He is a really great idol, and to listen to that coming from a really great athlete is really difficult," Oliveira said through a translator. "I don't know who he's picking a fight with, it's not with me."

(Kudos HuffPo)

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