Roy Oswalt Headed Back to Phillies?

Roy Oswalt apparently has a television, or at the very least the internet. He’s well aware of the pitching woes of the Philadelphia Phillies and seems to want to help. After watching former teammate Roy Halladay implode on the mound last night against the New York Mets, Oswalt took to his Twitter account.

“I would love to come back to Philly , loved my time there , amazing fans,” Oswalt tweeted.

Of course you would! You are unemployed and the Phillies need pitching help in just about every possible direction. He says he feels as good as he has at any point since 2010, which may or may not be true.

Oswalt is 35-years old and had a 5.80 ERA for the Texas Rangers last season. While that may sound terrible, it would actually be an improvement over what the Phillies are currently trotting out there.