Tyler Seguin: Healthy, No Hip Issues

| by Off The Record

Tyler Seguin has arguably been the Boston Bruins best player this season. However, is reporting that his long-term health could be an issue. The site is told by league and team sources that Seguin has a congenital hip condition that makes him susceptible to hip injuries down the road.

But, Seguin doesn’t necessarily agree with those reports. And when we say “doesn’t necessarily agree with,” we mean he calls BS.

“Tyler Seguin on report he has congenital hip issue: “I’m 100 percent healthy. Anything about my hip is really false. Wasn’t born w/anything,” tweets Joe Haggerty of

The initial report said that he will develop problems in that area if he doesn’t work to maintain and develop that area of his body. They even went to far to get a doctor to comment on the injury, even though he hasn’t examined Seguin.

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“The worst-case scenario is they start to develop recurring symptoms consistent of a groin pull, hip flexor strains, difficulty getting their hips in certain positions, reduced rotation, increase in pain and reduced levels of performance,” renowned hip expert and surgeon Dr. Bryan Kelly tells ESPN.

That is, if the report is true. And according to Seguin, it isn’t.