Wisconsin Senator Jon Erpenbach Tweets Out Roger Goodell’s Phone Number After Packers-Seahawks

When you are the only publicly owned sports franchise in America, you inevitably have a lot of really, really loyal fans that come from all walks of life.

After a bunch of incompetent replacement referees robbed the Green Bay Packers of a win on Monday night, one of the Packers’ more powerful really, really loyal fans decided it was time to take a stand and defend his club.

That fan? State Senator, Jon Erpenbach. Here is what the Democratic representative of Wisconsin’s 27th District sent out following the loss:

Fun fact from Wikipedia about Mr. Erpenbach: “He authored Wisconsin's No Call List legislation that was passed and signed into law in 2001. The legislation was a forerunner of the federal government's Do-Not-Call Implementation Act of 2003.”

Getting calls from people you don’t want to get calls from is the worst.

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