Week 7 NFL Team Rankings

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If you're wondering if your favorite team the worst in the league, it probably is. But you should read on, anyway!

The New Top Dawg
The Ravens beat the Texans this past weekend and were able to jump up from outside the top-5 onto the top of the pile. While the numbers gave Houston a ton of respect, the Texans were without Mario Williams and Andre Johnson, so the Ravens' win probably shouldn't have allowed them to leap so far in the rankings. Even though they probably don't deserve the top spot, Baltimore is still a very good team on both sides of the ball. With Lee Evans and Torrey Smith keeping safeties honest, Anquan Boldin and the Ravens' tight end duo should be able to take advantage on intermediate routes. Oh, and don't forget about Ray Rice, the little engine that flew up the hill so fast it made your head spin.

Undefeated, but not Perfect
The Packers rolled through the Rams without any trouble on Sunday, but beating a sad sack wasn't enough to propel them to the top spot in the rankings. While their defense has been quite adept at intercepting the ball this year, their total defensive numbers have looked downright offensive. Yes, some of that is due to their offense putting up big numbers and allowing the defense to slack off a bit, but they're going to need to prove they can stop a good team when they need to. If I had to pick one team to win the Super Bowl this year I'd still take the Packers, but I would like to see their defense toughen up.

Ranked 49th
Okay, so maybe San Francisco isn't ranked outside the top-32, but some of you probably feel like they are. After all, they beat a top-10 team in the Detroit Lions to push themselves to 5-1, the same record as the aforementioned Lions. Heck, the Patriots are 5-1 and the No. 1 Ravens are 4-1, so what gives with San Fran being ranked 17th? First off, while they are a good team, they are by no means a great team, and because the way their offense is set up, they may never be able to even flash the ability of being a great team. Their pass defense is pretty good, but it barely ranks inside the top-10 in that category; and while Jim Harbaugh may have made Alex Smith in to a serviceable QB, the 49ers' pass offense ranks below those of Kansas City, Miami, and Arizona in terms of yards per attempt. The 49ers are almost a lock for the playoffs, and in a one game sample anything could happen, but you shouldn't be expecting big things in the Bay Area quite yet.

After you've digested my delicious narrative for dinner, here is your complete data for dessert.

RANKTEAMLAST WKGWPOpp GWPO RANKD RANK1BAL60.660.551012DAL10.650.55353 PIT40.630.51774 GB50.610.472255HOU30.610.531196 NE70.590.521287 NO20.590.506138TEN80.570.525149DET90.570.4715210NYG140.560.4742211 PHI160.550.4991912WAS100.540.5222413 SD120.530.45141714BUF110.530.51121815NYJ130.530.5424316OAK170.510.52131217 SF150.510.5018818CHI220.480.50201119CIN180.480.46172120DEN210.460.54251521JAC200.460.5432622CAR190.450.4983023STL290.440.58281024MIN230.410.46262025CLE250.410.47301626MIA240.390.53232927ARI260.390.46192628IND270.390.48213229ATL320.390.47292330 TB310.380.48163131 KC280.380.49272732SEA300.360.503124