NFL Week 7 Team Rankings: Texans, Saints, Packers and More

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I know you must be curious about who gets to be the top dog this week, so here are your week eight rankings.

The New Number One
After demolishing a team that was ranked inside the top-ten last week, the Houston Texans leapfrogged into the top spot. Schaub was able to pick apart the Titans' defense despite not having Andre Johnson to throw to, and Arian Foster just went plain nuts on Tennessee's butts. After the loss, the Titans fell all the way from 8th to 18th. The Texans get the Jaguars next week while the Titans get a cushy bounce-back game against the Colts.

The Old Number One
Did the Ravens really lose to the Jaguars on Monday, or are my eyes deceiving me? The Ravens shied away from the running game despite the game being close, and Flacco's shoulders can only hold so many perched birds. Anquan Boldin was targeted a whopping 12 times, but he only managed to haul in four balls for forty yards. Maurice Jones-Drew kept the ball out of the Ravens' hands, leading to a ugly game that a rare few enjoyed watching. The Ravens have a lucky draw in week eight, as they get to face the lowly Arizona Cardinals in Baltimore.

Other Notes and Fun Facts

  • While Green Bay's defense didn't show me much against a rookie quarterback, Aaron Rogers looked absolutely dominant. He looked like he could have hit a penny from twenty yards the way he was throwing, and I don't think there's any question that he's the best quarterback in football.
  • The Saints are going to give the Packers a run for their money, and they showed everyone that losing Peyton Manning hasn't caused all of the Colts' problems this year. 
  • I absolutely love that Cleveland moved down five spots despite a win. As a Pacific Northwest resident, I was forced to watch the 6-to-3 monstrosity, and Cleveland may be the worst 3-3 team of all time.
  • As far as the rankings go, make sure to keep an eye on the Patriots and Steelers matchup this week. The teams are ranked back-to-back in the top-10, and it's entirely possible a victory could mean the top ranking.

Now, without further to do, here is your precious data.

RANKTEAMLAST WKGWPOpp GWPO RANKD RANK1HOU50.670.51352 NO70.640.504113 GB40.640.482264DAL20.630.52685 PIT30.610.487106 NE60.590.521317BAL10.580.531538NYG100.560.478229 PHI110.550.5091810DET90.550.4617211 SD130.540.46121412BUF140.530.51102013NYJ150.530.5323414WAS120.530.5122615CHI180.510.5021716 SF170.510.4918917CAR220.490.5153018TEN80.490.52112519CIN190.490.45142420OAK160.470.51161321JAC210.470.5532122STL230.440.58281223DEN200.420.51291724MIA270.420.52242825MIN240.420.49252326ATL290.410.49262127ARI260.410.49132728 KC310.410.48271929IND280.390.51193230CLE250.390.44301531 TB300.370.49202932SEA320.360.483116