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NFL Week 2 Power Rankings: Packers, Patriots, Saints and More

The first two weeks of the NFL regular season is in the books. Just like every season before this one, there were some surprises. Let me caution you about trying to grade a team off of one good or bad week.

Given the season is so young, these Power Rankings will factor in teams that I believe are good but had an off week and teams that I feel won by default or overachieved. Be forewarned as you will see some teams with lesser records ranked higher than others. Matchup’s will even out over time but after just two weeks, clearly some teams have has harder schedules than others. With all that being said, I’m sure 90% of you have jumped over this entire first paragraph and just looked to see where you favorite team placed….


1. Green Bay Packers (2-0) Can overcome adversity and win games when they’re not playing at their peak. I’ll reevaluate when they lose.

2. New England Patriots (2-0) This team’s offense has been able to overshadow their flaws easily. Intriguing divisional matchup this week.

3. New Orleans Saints (1-1) Oh no! A 1-1 team above several undefeated teams. No shame in losing a winnable game to the Packers in Green Bay.

4. New York Jets (2-0) Their best RB (Bilal Powel) is a rookie and buried on the depth chart. Running game need to improve for them to move up.

5. Philadelphia Eagles (1-1) “Eagles ahead of the Falcons?” This is about who the best teams are 1-32. Philly looked better to me most of that game.

6. Houston Texans (2-0) Have to do more than beat Miami & Indy for me to buy in. If they can hold Drew Brees in check this week I’ll believe.

7. San Diego Chargers (1-1) Lost to NE by 14 and many will believe this is too high. SD always starts off slow and they’ll be lights-out the 2nd half.

8. Atlanta Falcons (1-1) Has all of the weapons on offense that you could want. If they don’t protect Matt Ryan better none of them will matter.

9. Detroit Lions (2-0) One of the most exciting teams to watch and they haven’t placed their #1 pick next to Ndamukong Suh yet. Watch out!

10. Baltimore Ravens (1-1) An emotional team that plays up or down to their competition. Forget Flacco, the offense lives and dies with Ray Rice.

11. Pittsburgh Steelers (1-1) Beat upon by Baltimore followed by beating on a bad Seattle team. Another cupcake (Indy) this week – jury is still out.

12. Chicago Bears (1-1) “They are who we thought they were”. If you don’t protect Jay Cutler he will fall apart, mentally & emotionally.

13. Buffalo Bills (2-0) R. Fitzpatrick is finally getting respect as a quality QB. Will have to play well against NE to make believers outside Buffalo.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-1) Lost to Lions then came back from the dead beating a bad Vikings team. Young team getting out of the gate slow.

15. Washington Redskins (2-0) Remember the name Roy Helu. A strong ground game + a talented defense = shot at stealing a wildcard spot.

16. Oakland Raiders (1-1) Al Davis finally found track stars that can play football. They may not make the playoffs but they’ll be in every game.

17. Dallas Cowboys (1-1) Could easily be 2-0. Could easily be 0-2 too. Injuries are killing the offense. Felix Jones is NOT an every down back.

18. Arizona Cardinals (1-1) There are teams more deserving of a playoff spot but the Cardinals may get it due because of a Rams tough schedule.

19. New York Giants (1-1) Probably too high for them. Monday’s game was given too them. Too many injuries on defense to be taken serious.

20. Miami Dolphins (0-2) Better than expected but that’s not saying much. They’ve found a running back in Daniel Thomas to help Henne.

21. St Louis Rams (0-2) Much better then 0-2 record shows. Monday night should have been a win but a loss is a loss. Brutal schedule.

22. Tennessee Titans (1-1) Dumbfounded by the Ravens game. Their personality is probably somewhere in the middle of their first two games.

23. San Francisco 49ers (1-1) Can’t afford to give away wins. San Francisco had a beat up Cowboys team on the ropes and couldn’t finish.

24. Denver Broncos (1-1) Cincinnati and Denver tried over and over again to give the game to the other. Denver finally had to accept the win.

25. Cincinnati Bengals (1-1) It’s hard to score the go ahead touchdown when your defense can’t get off the field.

26. Cleveland Browns (1-1) Should be 2-0 and in first place. Blew the Week 1 game against Cincinnati.

27. Carolina Panthers (0-2) Cam Newton’s talent is greater than his mechanical flaws. Took the team on his back last week. Kudos!

28. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-1) Jack Del Rio has proven once again he doesn’t have a clue on how to be a coach. Bad team.

29. Indianapolis Colts (0-2) We’ve said it for years. The Colts will be horrific without Peyton Manning.

30. Kansas City Chiefs (0-2) Jamaal Charles, Eric Berry, Tony Moeaki, Charlie Weis and Todd Haley’s brain are all out or gone. Need an NFL QB.

31. Minnesota Vikings (0-2) At least they’re making their losses entertaining. Adrian Peterson won’t be enough.

32. Seattle Seahawks (0-2) Tarvaris Jackson this year = Andrew Luck next year. An emotional roller coaster for the fan base.

Jayson Braddock is an NFL Scout / NFL Writer & On-Air Personality. Jayson is also a football insider for the Dylan Gwinn show on 790 AM in Houston, TX - Listeners NOT in the Houston metropolitan area can hear Jayson on iheart radio or sports790.com. You can also catch Jayson on Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio with Scott Engel and the morning crew every Thursday at 10:30am ET. You may email Jayson directly @ [email protected] or follow him on Twitter @JaysonBraddock

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