NFL Week 13 Team Rankings

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Despite absolutely torching the New York Giants on Monday Night Football, the Saints only move up one spot while beating a top-10 club. Why? The Giants still gained over 450 total offensive yards on New Orleans, and the rankings system doesn't factor in teams playing with a big lead. In reality, I'd probably move them above New England into the four hole, but we need to remember the Saints have lost on the road to both St. Louis and Tampa Bay, so they may need home field advantage to win games in the playoffs.

Horseshoes in Houston
The Houston Texans either have the worst luck in the world, or they need to fire their entire strength and conditioning team. Can T.J. Yates step in and succeed in his first NFL season as a fifth-round draft pick? Doubtful. Luckily for the Texans, they still have games against Carolina and Indianapolis remaining, so Yates will have some warmup time if Houston decides that he is the answer. There's also a chance that Kubiak and Ko. get the chance to bring in Sage Rosenfels to fill the void for the rest of the year, but that would involve the Miami Dolphins agreeing to release him and let him be on his merry way.

Tim Tebow Watch
The 6-5 Broncos are still ranked only 23rd, but that's up six spots from last week. The Denver Tebow's have scored more than 18 points just once in Tim's six starts, and while the Broncos defense has some good players on it, the offense keeping them off the field for long stretches just won't be enough to beat good teams. However, the Broncos only play one team in the top-half of the league the rest of the way, so expect the Tebow hype to continue all the way to the playoffs.

Clawless Jags
The Jacksonville Jaguars fired Jack Del Rio this morning, despite the team having the second best defense in the league. The team's decision to let go of David Garrard may very well have kept them from making the playoffs this year, but whether or not that was Del Rio's decision is unclear. Whoever takes over the Jags next season will need to find another weapon at Wide Receiver if they believe that Blaine Gabbert is their man.

And now, without any further ado, here are your full Week Thirteen rankings.


RANKTEAMLAST WKGWPOpp GWPO RANKD RANK1HOU10.820.48332 GB30.740.451263 PIT20.720.47754 NE50.690.532275 NO60.690.494186DAL40.650.505177 PHI70.620.539168NYG80.620.516229DET90.610.4818110BAL120.590.5213711CHI110.570.5320412OAK130.550.48101013 SF100.530.4916614ATL150.530.48141515NYJ140.520.5323816CIN180.500.44122317BUF170.480.53152418MIA200.480.52211919 SD160.450.47113020WAS210.440.49241121TEN190.440.48191422JAC250.400.5532223DEN290.380.51271324CLE220.380.47252125CAR230.380.4883126 TB300.360.56172927STL260.350.5231928SEA240.340.51281229MIN280.340.50262030ARI270.330.48222531 KC310.270.49302832IND320.230.502932