NFL Team Rankings Week 12

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Before we get to today's rankings, let's talk a bit more about the Houston Texans without Matt Schaub. We talked about the possible ramifications of losing Schaub and replacing him with Matt Leinart, but there was no evidence to where the Texans would be ranked right now. Well no longer is that the case, America. By replacing Schaub with Leinart's career numbers for the Texans' previous ten games, here is the top-10 we would be looking at through Week 10:

RANKTEAM GWPOpp GWPO RANKD RANK1 GB 0.730.441282 PIT 0.730.47473DAL 0.700.533144 NE 0.690.532265 NO 0.660.456186 PHI 0.650.548107NYG 0.650.515198DET 0.640.472019HOU 0.630.4619210 SF 0.600.50115

That's right, Matt Leinart's Texans would still be ranked ninth, despite a below-average offensive attack. The Texans are a good team, and it sounds as if Leinart feels comfortable with their system. We'll see how this actually shakes out, but the above table is a good jumping-off point

Now, on to some notes about this week's actual (and totally not fake) rankings.

  • Michael Vick was on the sidelines for the Eagles' game against the Giants. The Eagles moved ahead of the Giants in the rankings thanks to a win. Correlation always equals causation, folks. Philadelphia is much better off without Mike Vick and his playmaking ability.
  • Assuming the Texans offense will struggle, Pittsburgh appears to be the most well-rounded team in all of football, with a top-5 offense and a top-5 defense. They have a deep threat in Mike Wallace, a power running game, a QB who can extend plays, and an aggressive defense with a knack for getting to the quarterback. Some of the other pieces are questionable, but the Steelers would be my pick to get out of the AFC, at this point. How about you?
  • How far will the Bears fall without Jay Cutler? It depends what you think of Caleb Hanie based on the small pro sample we have for him. I think he can manage an offense just fine, and as long as Matt Forte doesn't get too worn down, the Bears will be able to make the playoffs. The Cutler injury makes the NFC playoff picture even more fun, as Detroit is trying to hang on while Atlanta and the Giants fight to make the postseason.

With all of that in mind, here are your rankings for Week Twelve.

RANKTEAMLAST WKGWPOpp GWPO RANKD RANK1HOU10.830.47222 PIT30.730.48553 GB20.720.441274DAL40.690.514145 NO60.670.477156 NE50.650.513287 PHI80.640.539128NYG70.640.506219DET90.630.4620110 SF100.600.5012611CHI110.590.5419412BAL130.560.5214913OAK120.540.46101114NYJ140.520.5222715ATL180.520.50131716 SD170.490.45112617BUF150.480.52152518CIN190.460.45162319TEN160.460.48171620MIA230.440.50232221WAS200.440.53251322CLE250.400.46241823CAR220.400.5183024SEA260.380.5327825JAC210.380.5332326STL240.350.55301027ARI270.350.51212428MIN290.340.50262029DEN280.340.50291930 TB300.330.58182931IND320.210.50283232 KC310.190.403131