Will New Orleans Saints Use Franchise Tag on Drew Brees or Marques Colston?

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Leap Day is a magical day that comes along once every four years, reminding everyone to live every day like it is Leap Day.  As I have worn the customary blue and yellow Leap Day attire, Leap Day Williams has granted me a miracle: Drew Brees and the Saints are still far apart on contract negotiations.  

Last night on NFL Network, Jason La Canfora said there is growing frustration with Brees with the contract negotiations.  Those around Brees apparently feel the franchise tag is likely.

Why is this such a Leap Day miracle?  The Saints will not allow Brees to leave New Orleans, and is almost guaranteed to receive a franchise tag.  Well, I will allow Rotoworld to explain:

The two sides are up against the clock, with only five days remaining before Monday's franchise tag deadline. If the Saints are forced to apply the tag to Brees, they risk losing both Marques Colston and Carl Nicks while also green-lighting their QB to miss offseason workouts. Brees appears to be targeting a deal that will make him the highest-paid QB in the league.

Yes!  Two important cogs to the Saints offense will likely leave in free agency.  Colston may be the easier player to replace, as that is one of the most wide receiver friendly offenses you could find.  Yet, it is clear that you cannot just throw in a wide receiver and expect big things (see: Meachem, Robert).  

Very important is that the Saints have/had probably the best set of guards in the NFL and some mediocre tackles at best.  Brees always has room to step up in the pocket and carve up a defense.  Removing one of the best guards in the NFL from that equation means Brees will finally start seeing more pressure up front, and limit his time and space in the pocket.

Neither player will be resigned with the Saints hoping to get Brees signed and the team under the cap, and tagging him will likely lead to both players leave in free agency. 

Leap Day is full of great news!

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