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Monday Morning NFL Round-Up: Newton, Tebow, Brady and More

One week after throwing for 422 yards against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 1, Cam Newton out did himself by throwing for 432 yards against the Green Bay Packers in Week 2. In Week 1 Newton completed 24-37 passes with 2 TD’s, I INT and a quarterback rating of 110.4.

This week, however, Newton had a quarterback rating of just 72 as he completed 28-49 to his team and three passes to the other team. Much like last week Newton again ran for a TD in week two, and while Fantasy Football owners have been handsomely rewarded the first two weeks with a 29 point week followed up with a 26 point week, Carolina Panthers fans are left with the reality that Newton has led his team to an 0-2 start. Newton as athletic as they come and will certainly make plays at the position but until he plays the position more at the NFL level the “rookie mistakes” will routinely prevent Carolina from winning. Fantasy owners should enjoy a fantastic year from Newton, Panthers fans, not so much.

Pittsburgh (24) – Seattle (0). You didn’t think the Pittsburgh Steelers were going to lay an egg two weeks in a row did you? Conversely, was there anyone who thought the Seattle Seahawks had the slightest chance before the ball was kicked off? There is a lot of parody in the NFL and on any given Sunday anything can happen EXCEPT this Seattle team with this roster and this coaching staff beating just about anyone outside the NFC West.

With injuries to their wide receiver core, third string quarterback Tim Tebow played some wide receiver Sunday’s 24-22 Denver Broncos win over the Cincinnati Bengals. Tebow did not have any balls thrown his way but did his best to block. “I’m going to do whatever I can to help the team. If they ask me to go out there and run some routes and block some people, I’ll go do it.” While in some ways this helps “The Legend of Tim Tebow,” it also adds fuel to the fire of a fan base clamoring to see him play by teasing them, placing him out on the field in a position other than quarterback.

If you ever wondered what the Broncos really thought deep down inside about the prospects of Tebow becoming their franchise quarterback, you just found out. Pick any franchise quarterback you can think of. Other than a gimmick play where they spread him out as a wideout, did you ever see them line the guy up as a wide receiver running routes and blocking down field? Who are you going to come up with? These are things they do with the Brad Smith’s of the NFL? Is Tebow’s quarterback ceiling now being viewed as Kordell Stewart?

I’ve been saying for week that CJ2K is at risk of becoming CJ-1K as teams are simply going to focus on stopping him and making Matt Hasselbeck beat them. Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens was a prime example of how teams will approach the Tennessee Titans as Chris Johnson rushed 24 times for just 53-yards. Hasselbeck was up to the challenge however as he was an extremely efficient 30/42 for 358-yards with 1TD and pick. The key in this game though was Tennessee’s defense as the Titans sacked Joe Flacco three times and pummeled him repeatedly while forcing three turnovers, including two interceptions. If the Titans can routinely put pressure on opposing quarterbacks like they did yesterday, they will win significantly more games than anyone thought, regardless of CJ-1K’s performance.

Detroit Lions (48) – Kansas City Chiefs (3). Will this finally be the year that Detroit puts it together? If Matt Stafford can stay healthy it certainly looks that way. As if the Chiefs weren’t putrid enough, Jamal Charles (ouch fantasy owners) is now lost for the season. Christian Okoye, Priest Holmes, Larry Johnson, Jamal Charles, next? The Chiefs play the San Diego Chargers in Week 3 and then the Minnesota Vikings Week 4 and Indianapolis Colts in Week 5. Minnesota and Indianapolis are two of the weakest teams in the NFL this year and it’s not a stretch to say that if Kansas City doesn’t beat one of them before their Week 6 bye that they will be at a real risk of not winning a game this season.

Random Musings

Tony Romo should get a pass for at least 24-hours you would think form the Romo haters as playing with a fractured rib he hit Jesse Holly on a 77-yard completion on the Dallas Cowboys’ first play of overtime that set up Dan Bailey’s winning 19-yard field goal. And how about the real life “Rudy story” of Jesse Holley. Read the great article on Holley by our own Jayson Braddock before the season started.

And the highest scoring offense after two weeks in the NFL is… Tom Brady and the New England Patriots? Nope. Aaron Rogers and the Green Bay Packers? Nope. Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints? Nope? The Buffalo Bills led by apparent All-Pro quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick are averaging a league leading 39.5 points per game and. Who knew?

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