Man Goes Missing At Broncos' Game On Thursday, Still Not Found

| by Jonathan Wolfe

Colorado resident Paul Kitterman, 53, has been missing since halftime of the Broncos – Chargers game last Thursday night. Kitterman, who was attending the game with his son and two friends, went missing around 8:00 p.m.

“We were looking everywhere in parking lots, trees, bushes, anywhere we could think of,” said Jarod Tonneson, Kitterman’s son.

Now, four days later, friends and police still have no clue where Kitterman is. He is described as a white male with brown hair, hazel eyes, and a moustache. He wore a dark Under Armour hoodie and an orange Broncos hat to the game. Friends say Kitterman only had about $50 on him at the time of his disappearance and did not have access to a car.

His family filed a missing persons report with the Denver Police Department shortly after his disappearance. At this time, police do not suspect foul play is involved. Anyone with information is urged to call the Denver Police Department at 720-913-2000.

Here is the Denver Police Department’s poster for Kitterman:

Sources: JS Online, KDVR