Video: A Guy Named Sacha Heppell Tries Out to be a Denver Broncos Cheerleader


On Sunday, over 200 people started out on a journey that they hope will eventually land them one of the most coveted jobs in America – NFL cheerleader.

While the first round of the 2012 Denver Bronco Cheerleader tryouts essentially went off without a hitch this weekend, there was one noteworthy participant that seems to be stealing all of the attention this Monday morning.

That participant? Sacha Heppell – a young man looking to be on the sidelines cheering on Peyton Manning and Co. as they try to take control of the AFC West in 2012.

Check him out:

So long as he stays away from the minors, Heppell should be a perfect fit for a Broncos cheerleading unit clearly looking for some pizzazz. (Heppell seems to have pizzazz running through his veins.)

(Kudos to The Big Lead for the find)

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