Fox & Friends Send Co-Host Anna Kooiman to Kitchen for Super Bowl (Video)


Fox & Friends Sunday celebrated the Super Bowl this morning by sending female co-host Anna Kooiman to the on-set "kitchen" while co-hosts Tucker Carlson and Clayton Morris lounged a feet away in their self-described "mancave."

"While the mancave is perfect to watch the game, it's nothing without some great food and some great drinks," said Morris (video below).

"So basically, you're telling me the men are in the "mancave" and the lady gets stuck in the kitchen?" asked Kooiman, who was interviewing a guest chef.

"Yes," replied Morris.

"Actually, I've got the food, you guys relax over there," added Kooiman.

Sources: MediaMatters.org and CrooksandLiars.com


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