Fox News Host Says UConn Huskies Are 'NAACP National Champs' (Video)


This morning on "Fox & Friends First," co-host Heather Childers accidentally said the University of Connecticut Huskies are the “NAACP national champs."

NAACP is actually an abbreviation for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, notes

After showing a clip of UConn defeating the University of Kentucky last night, Childers called the Huskies the "NCAA champs" (video below), reports

Childers later tweeted, "I immediately corrected myself. Anyone who follows me knows I love sports. Just misspoke. Fuel 4 late night comics ;)."

She also mentioned CNN's Wolf Blitzer in another tweet, "Wolf Blitzer Goof: Says Obama to Pick "NAACP" Championship Winner… via @youtube."

Sources: Twitter,,


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