Video: Spike Lee Doesn’t Like Pablo Prigioni’s Purple Shoes

| by Alex Groberman

The New York Knicks beat down the Brooklyn Nets 100-86 on Wednesday night. It was a brutal defeat for the losing side, and their eighth loss in 10 games. The Knicks being this good is obviously great for all their fans, but the added kick of being this good while their main rivals (eh) are struggling has make it feel ten times sweeter.

Based on everything that has happened over the last couple of weeks, Knicks fans should be riding high right now. They should be happy. They should be content. And for the most part – they are. The only exception? Spike Lee.

Here is him chastising Pablo Prigioni for his shoe choice:

If anyone knows how to dress, it’s definitely Spike Lee.

(Kudos Sports Grid)

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