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Photo: LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat Get Their Championship Rings

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For a group that promised a bunch of championship rings when they initially came together, LeBron James and his teammates sure did look happy to just to have one. In an admittedly great ring ceremony on Tuesday night, the league’s reigning Finals MVP accepted the chips that he and his Miami Heat squad worked oh so hard for in 2012.

And while the fact that LeBron finally got his ring is nifty and all, the most interesting part about the Heat players finally getting their hardware is seeing what exactly they’re working with.

Check out some great pictures via USA Today and Hot Hot Hoops:







Whether you love or hate the Heat, there is no getting around it – those rings are sick. Definitely worthy of the champions that are going to be wearing them.

(Kudos USA Today, Hot Hot Hoops)

Photo Credit: Hoop Doctors

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