Video: Really Positive Kid Tells Heat Players “Good Job, Good Effort” After Game 5 Loss


The Miami Heat lost to the Boston Celtics 94-90 on Tuesday night. For more reasons than anyone really cares to cite at this point, it was probably the most demoralizing non-Finals defeat in Miami basketball history. And so, given that their championship hopes had more or less just been crushed, you couldn’t really blame Heat fans for being down when the final buzzer sounded.

But they weren’t down. Or, at least not all of them were down. Listen closely to what this one really positive youngster yelled at Heat players as they left the floor:

Admirable attitude. Too bad the cameras didn’t capture the kid’s sentiments in their entirely. What he really said was, “Good job, good effort. Except you, Spo. You’re done here.”*

*he didn’t really say that.

(Kudos Chicago Tribune)

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