Juan Uribe's Son Has Some Serious Dance Moves (Video)

| by Jonathan Wolfe

Juan Uribe’s young son may have landed himself a future gig on Dancing with the Stars last night.  

The kid, who now goes by Lil’ Uribe, has some serious moves. He got a chance to show them off last night after his dad’s team, the Los Angeles Dodgers, clinched the NL West division.

Lil’ Uribe, skinny jeans and all, busted move after move as his dad and the rest of the Dodgers crew stood by and watched. The kid received a hearty round of applause after his dance, and for good reason.

Check this out:

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Lil’ Uribe’s dad and the Dodgers will face either the Cardinals, the Pirates, or the National League wild card winner in the National League Divisional Series. Game 1 of the series is scheduled for October 3. 

Source: Arash Markazi