Video: Houston Astros Minor Leaguer Austin Wates’ Incredible Catch


Baseball highlights don’t get as much love as basketball highlights do, but that’s largely because baseball highlights suck. How interesting is it, really, to see a guy catch a ball? Half of America does that with their fathers every other weekend. (In the movies, at least.) So it stands to reason that you don’t often find exciting enough clips from baseball games to justify passing around.

This past Saturday night, however, we finally got a highlight worth sharing. Check out what Houston Astros minor league outfielder Austin Wates did during an otherwise routine Double-A Texas League game:


On top of not having their highlights be the subject of viral hot potato, baseball players are also generally recognized as not being as athletic as their counterparts from other sports. You can’t tell us that grab wasn’t an athletic feat, though.

(Kudos to Yahoo! Sports for the find)

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